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Minecraft vs. Roblox – An Unexpected Result: Best Creativity

Minecraft and Roblox are the world’s most popular sandbox-style games with hundreds of millions of active players. What makes the two games so popular is their innovative crafting systems that are allowing players to build everything they want, as long as they have the required materials. With so many similarities it’s quite difficult to find out which one is better. However, we are going to focus on two of the most important aspects in sandbox-style games and see which one comes out on top.

User Friendly Games

If you have yet to play Minecraft or Roblox and you have only watched YouTube videos or Twitch streams, then the user friendliness of the two games is quite important. In Minecraft, you will be thrown into a vast world without any guides or tips. The developers want the players to figure out everything for themselves, but this is not always good for beginners.

On the other hand, we have Roblox that makes it possible for players to design their own games. The level of creativity freedom that Roblox offers is immense and while it might not hand-guide the player through all its features, it does a much better job than Minecraft.

Which One Encourages More Creativity?

Creativity is what makes these two games fun. The question that remains is which one encourages more creativity in kids? Both games teach kids mathematical skills, strategies and how to craft items. However, we have to give this one to Roblox yet again.

The reason behind this is that Roblox is teaching kids how to code and this is an important skill that has an immense monetary value. Kids who play Roblox have a high chance of getting a job in the programming industry.

The Result

If you stuck with us until here, then you know that Roblox is the clear winner in the two aspects that we picked to compare. However, our advice for everyone is to try out both games and see which one is more fun to play.

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