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Minecraft Tips — How To Easily Change The Game Mode

If you are new to Minecraft and you are playing the game for a little time, you have a lot of stuff to discover. The game is not new for a lot of people, having nine years of game history. In time, Minecraft has changed, updated, improve the graphics, and added fantastic features.

What is interesting in Minecraft is the fact that you can choose between the game modes, and play it after your desire. If you don’t know yet how to change the game mode, then you are where you need to be.

Minecraft is offering each player five modes, such as Creative, Adventure, Survival, Spectator, and Hardcore. Please take note that some styles are not available with every device; it’s a compatibility issue. So, if you have in plan to change your mode, you must see if you can or not. If you have the Console edition, the modes available are Creative, Survival, and Adventure, and you have to take some steps for changing it.

How To Easily Change The Game Mode In Minecraft

Each mode has a number that you will use in the Settings. First, open your current world, go to the LAN world, and tap on the friend’s tab. From there, you will open the world and choose the mode you want from the three mentioned above. The command and number you must enter for each globe are: /gamemode 0 if you wish Survival, / gamemode 1 if you want Creative, and / gamemode 2 if you’re going to Adventure.

Also, you could change the world for another player – /gamemode 0/1/2 Player name. After typing the command, press Enter.
Finally, if you play the Java edition, you will have compatible the modes Creative, Survival, Adventure, and Spectator. As in the Console edition, you have to open your game with the current world, open the LAN world, and choose the mode.

After selecting the mode, press T, and then type /gamemode survival to go to survival/creative/adventure/spectator mode. Sometimes an error appears, which says you don’t have permission. If this happens, use ESC – open LAN – Allow Cheats – Save or Export to LAN. After that, you do the same thing from above, once again.


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