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Minecraft Success: UK’s Top Spot For Best-Selling IP Of The Decade

Minecraft is one of the most successful games out there, and this success could not have passed without recognition. The massive game managed to sell loads of copies, and the best thing is that it broke 176 million copies as of May 2019, according to the latest data coming from WindowsCentral.

They cite a brand new report from, which reveals that the game is continuing this trend of being the best-selling new IP of the past decade in the UK.

It’s been reported that Minecraft beat titans that have been introduced in the gaming scene, including Destiny, Watch Dogs, the Last of Us, and more.

Minecraft is ready to maintain its dominance in this new decade as well 

You have to admit that these are pretty massive names, and this makes it a big deal for Minecraft to be the winner among such significant titles.

Minecraft initially debuted in 2009, but the game was not officially released until 2011 and wasn’t widely available in the UK until 2013.

Minecraft was also paced face to face to massive new brands that have been introduced in an existing franchise such as red Dead redemption and Microsoft’s Forza Horizon. Minecraft was able to top all charts without too much hassle.

Windows Central also made sure to nightlight the fact that Minecraft was only defeated in terms of revenue by Red Dead Redemption and Destiny.

The online publication concludes by saying, “Either way, Minecraft exits the last decade strong and enters a new decade ready to maintain its dominance.”

Minecraft was recently in the spotlight a few days ago, when we offered a few tips and tricks to change the game mode.

In time, Minecraft has changed, updated, improve the graphics, and added fantastic features, and it’s no wonder that the game managed to gain such massive recognition.


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