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Minecraft RTX – All About The Game

Minecraft is the most popular game in the world, with more than 100 million active players each month. A new version of the game will offer an exclusive experience for Windows 10 users as the RTX release will implement NVIDIA’s ray-tracing technology in-game, redefining the vistas that can be found in the title with impressive natural lighting and shadows.

A beta version will be available from April 16, allowing interested players to test the performance of their machines while also helping Mojang to cull remaining bugs.

The Minecraft with RTX

The definitive version will be available on the Microsoft Store, but it will come with pricey system requirements. Your system will have to include one of the Nvidia RTX-compatible GPUs if you wish to see the feature in action, and the potential upgrade may be quite expensive for some users who use older PCs or laptops. Below you can find a list of compatible graphic cards:

  • GeForce RTX 2060
  • GeForce RTX 2060 Max-Q
  • GeForce RTX 2070
  • GeForce RTX 2070 Max-Q
  • GeForce RTX 2070 Super
  • GeForce RTX 2080
  • GeForce RTX 2080 Max-Q
  • GeForce RTX 2080 Super

RTX goodness in Minecraft

The RTX edition of Minecraft comes with all the features that made it a hit among millions of players, along with the remarkable technology that has been pioneered by Nvidia. Shader mods and packs have been available for a while, but the implementation of native RTX support is a great boon for overall performance and stability.

Nvidia has also mentioned that the community will have the freedom to work on their own modifications in the future since the main goal of the company was to ensure that the feature is implemented in a way that does not inhibit the creativity for which Minecraft players are known. Interested persons can download the beta process via the Xbox Insider Hub and the Microsoft Store. Full instructions will be released soon.


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