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Minecraft Pocket Edition — How To Survive In The Game

If you are playing and enjoying Minecraft, for sure, you have hesitated the survival mode. This is one of the styles that the game is offering. The fear of being desynchronized must not interfere with the pleasure of playing the game. So, we are here to help you and give you useful tips for playing Minecraft Pocket Edition in the survival mode.

How To Survive In The Minecraft Pocket Edition


The Minecraft Pocket Edition is quite popular now, but many of the players are beginners. If you want to survive in the game, some important factors must be considered. The first thing you should do on the first night is mining. Your shelter needs a dig, so start digging in the shape of a staircase for having an exist. Besides this, your sword must be with you because mobs can attach you. Of course, during the days you will work as well, you will do farming, build fences, start a farm, and plant seeds. With the crops, you can feed the animals.

Get resources

The second thing to do is to collect funds. This will be possible during day time when you can leave your shelter in search of wood, sand, or clay. In the survival mode, you have nothing, so the way of getting them is with your fists. You will knock on the tree until you have a pile of wood, and so on. Don’t do this during the night if you want to survive!

After that, it is essential to have a source of light, so you need a fire. The fire can be light with coal. You will find the fuel when you are mining or at the side of the mountains if you dig there. With coal and a stick, you can create four torches, so there is your source of light!

Stay home

Finally, the most crucial thing to stay alive in the survival mode of Minecraft Pocket Edition is to not get out of your home during the night. All kinds of beasts, skeletons, zombies, and spiders will attack you. During daylight, they will turn to dust, except the spiders, but they won’t attack. Follow these tips and stay alive. Good luck!

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