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Minecraft PE Crashes? Here’s How to Fix the Issue

Players of Minecraft Pocket Edition, or Minecraft PE for short, on Android-powered devices, have reported an issue with the game after the latest update. The app seems to keep crashing very often, giving no warnings or logical reasons.

How to Fix Minecraft PE Crashing on Android

If you are also encountering this issue, thy the following tips to solve it.

Restart Your Device

Restarting our mobile device could be the most straightforward method you can use to fix the issue with Minecraft PE or any other issue on that matter. After performing the restart, launch the game to see if the issue still persists. If it does, try the following tips.

Free up Some Storage

The second most efficient way to fix an issue with a device, more so crashing apps, is to free up some storage space. The updates apps and games receive are sometimes bigger and need a little bit more space in order to function on a smartphone properly.

You can either delete apps you do not use or old and unnecessary files. Also, the RAM is important as well. Free up some space in order to enjoy Minecraft PE without issues.

Clear the Cache

By clearing the app cache and data, you also remove all the unneeded stuff like cookies. To clear the cache memory, head to the settings menu and find the game. Tap on ‘Storage’ and on ‘Clear Cache’ and ‘Clear Data.’

Run in VBO Mode

Activating the VBO mode for the game can be the cause behind the regular crash of Minecraft PE. You can disable the mode in only a few taps: head over to the settings menu in Minecraft PE and find ‘Video Settings.’ The options for VBOs are located at the bottom of the screen; tap on ‘Turn Off VBOs,’ and restart your mobile phone.

Minecraft PE should run smoothly after performing these tricks. If the game still crashes, let us know.


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