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Minecraft News: Nvidia Reveals New Info of Ray-Tracing Implementation

Recently, Nvidia offered a sneak peek of what a next-gen technology implemented in one of the most popular games. The ray-tracing technology was used in Minecraft, and the results are fantastic. Nvidia decided to release some tutorials to support miners’ game experience. How much ray-tracing changed the game?

Devs explained that the next-gen technology is prone to bring some of the most enhanced features for games. In Minecraft, for example, the quality of modifications and the new additions are undeniable.

New Mine Paths For Minecraft Players by Top Developers

In the process of understanding Minecraft with RTX, one of the world’s best developers has been working with Nvidia. Such a collaboration brought the first results in a short time. Their excellent work was unveiled recently in a series of screenshots. The images display worlds developed by GeminiTay, BlockWorks. And Razzleberries. They’re part of the Minecraft community and proved to have an intriguing dedication and fantastic imagination. Their Minecraft worlds comprise:

  • Imagination Island RTX by BlockWorks: An explorable theme park full of Easter eggs. Imagination Island shall consist of four other areas, each applied to a real-time ray-tracing feature.
  • Of Temples and Totems RTX by Razzleberries: The theme represents a world filled with adventure. Players must focus on exploring and become better at tasks in mysterious temples. Every temple showcases real-time shadows and a pixel-per-pixel emission.
  • Crystal Palace RTX by GeminiTay: The main goal of the map is to survive while exploring a unique fantasy theme. A charming atmosphere and lightning are drawn shadows bring realism.

Tutorials and Tools Released by Nvidia

Nvidia released lots of tools and tutorials that support players’ gameplay experience in Minecraft. The tutorials comprise methods for developing physical-based rendering textures, (RTX tracing and PBR textures), and converting Java world to RTX worlds (a guide to convert the Bedrock Windows 10 Edition).


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