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Minecraft: Java Edition Snapshot Update – New Biomes, Blocks, Music, Items, And More

It’s been just revealed that Mojang is back again and this time with a hefty load of shiny things to offload and examine. The snapshot is focused on the Nether Update as some of you might have imagined.

This is a major update for Minecraft that’s set to be released later this year. Windows Central reveals more changes that we can expect to see in this much-awaited update.

In other recent news, recently, Nvidia offered a sneak peek of what a next-gen technology implemented in one of the most popular games. The ray-tracing technology was used in Minecraft, and the results are beyond amazing.

Nvidia decided to release some tutorials to support miners’ game experience. You can check out our previous article in order to see how much ray tracing changed the game.

The Nether Update

Anyway, here’s what’s new in the Nether Update.

  • Basalt delta biomes: these are reportedly fashioned after remnants of volcanic eruption sites, and they’re known for their towering columns of basalt, clouds of ash, lakes of lava.
  • Blackstone: a new block is added in the Nether update, and blackstone is commonly found in basalt deltas. This has more versions which include regular, polished brock, and also gilded.
  • New nether bricks and quartz: there are more variants to customize your builds and take them to the very next level.
  • Custom music tracks: the Nether gets more music and three more tracks are added.
  • New items: the biggest new item, according to the online publication mentioned above, is the soul campfire.
  • Accessibility improvements: there’s new “line spacing” and “chat delay” options, which will be making their debut.
  • Other fixes and more improvements: smaller fixes, improvements, and changes are also on their way.

We recommend that you check out the complete changelog in order to find out all the details.


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