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Minecraft: How to Get Your Hands on a Command Block

Minecraft cannot be limited by anything, perhaps except your creativity, but at times, even the most creative genius out there has to obey certain rules. The classical Survival Mode has players trying to build a structure and protect it, while also making sure that their character stays alive.

However, when involved in a multiplayer mode along with other gamers, or in a custom match, there’s the option to summon a command block that will help you tremendously. A command block allows you to input commands into the chat. These commands will do particular things to the gameplay, but they ask for a bit of coding knowledge in order to offer the best results.

Fortunately, there’s nothing too challenging when it comes to this particular topic, so it is relatively easy to learn after getting to know a few of the available commands for the device you are playing from.

How to Summon a Command Block

When summoning the command, you need to have a Redstone power source. To use the command block in a proper way, you have to type it in the chat with a ‘/’ in it. Here is how to do it.

To get a command block, use ‘/give @p minecraft:command_block.’ Once you’ve typed in this command, it should show up in your inventory, and you can then place it in front of you.

Next, power it with the Redstone, and you’ll be able to execute more commands with the block at your will. There are a handful of different commands you can use to start using the block and change the world you’re in. You can use command blocks to make a lot of things easier in the game, such as getting something from your world, or accessing various features you would normally have no access to.

These commands can seem frightening at first for those who have never done it, but a bit of research can help you master the coded words that make the Minecraft worlds more exciting.

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