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Minecraft Earth 0.15.1 Update for Early Access Members Brings New Interesting Stuff

Minecraft Earth, the upcoming augmented reality sandbox game, is a spin-off of the video game Minecraft. The title is developed by Mojang, which first revealed it in May of last year, also mentioning that it will be available for Android, iOS, and iPadOS.

The title has evolved a lot after it was introduced, adding brand new mechanisms, blocks, items, and so on. Minecraft Earth is currently in Early Access stage, which means that only fans who registered for it can play it since it did not launch yet.

What to Expect in Minecraft Earth

As per an episode of Ask Mojang on YouTube, some members of the developing team answered a few questions fans had about the game, and how they will make it better. It appears that the team is planning to include the Nether into Minecraft Earth, but we are not sure yet whether that means a build plate, a separate mode, or something else.

Minecraft Earth will also bring every block to the upcoming title, which is a rather tall order since the game fits into completely separate standards than Minecraft: Bedrock Edition or Java Edition. However, the team seems to explore new ways to bring the blocks to Earth, even the challenging ones.

It remains to be seen how much of this will actually launch with the game, but it is clear that the developing team is determined to do its best.

Minecraft Earth’s Features and Gameplay

Payers get to discover a new dimension of the original Minecraft as they create, explore, and survive in the game’s universe, which now resembles Earth. Spanning the planet, collecting resources for buildings, crafting in AR, and placing them at life-size is what the new game focuses on.

Minecraft Earth 0.15.1 Update

The latest rollout for the game, Minecraft Earth 0.15.1 update, is now available for early access members and comes with brand new stuff, new mobs, bug fixes, and more. The update now makes it possible to play anywhere with Adventure Crystals, brings a new level cap, now 25, a new loading Screen Art and Bone Spiders in Adventures.

New mobs were also added, including Tropical Slime and Furnace Iron Golem. In addition, various bugs were fixed, and some more probably added as the game is still on beta stages.

If you are part of the Early Access team and want to see the full list of patch notes, you can do so here.


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