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Minecraft Dungeons Will Launch As Scheduled, Despite The Coronavirus Outbreak

Update: It was announced that the release date has been set to May 29 (previously April).

The release date of the upcoming game from Mojang, Minecraft Dungeons, has already been postponed because of the ongoing pandemic. One thing is for sure: the game is still going to be released. In order to keep their fans interested in the upgrade, the Mojang team has released a new gameplay video displaying the first 45 minutes of the future release. The sneak peek gives fans an inside image about the graphics, complexity, interface and many more others.

Minecraft Dungeons is proposing this time action-adventure gameplay, bringing the usual type of product that Mojang is aiming for, the dungeon crawler game.

On March 17, the leading team has announced that the release date is probably going to be affected by the coronavirus, since they have already sent home most of their employees, all of them having to work from home. This is why at that time, it all seemed like the release of the game will be postponed to a later time.

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The Minecraft Dungeons Gameplay Trailer

However, the officials announced that the release in April is going to happen and the game will be available for Minecraft fans. Therefore, they planned the launch of the 45-minutes movie showing fans that there is still hope and that they are going to do their best to make the game available in due time.

The plot of the game starts with the user holding only a sword and a bow, having nothing more and being constrained to kill creepers and skeletons. Destroying an enemy means automatically another gem added to the collection and several missions bring as well more meaningful prizes from chests.

Additionally, players can improve their armor power by adding enchantments to their pieces of clothing and weapons. Further features include new missions displayed on the World Map. Fans can sign up for any further updates on the website of the Minecraft Dungeons game.


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