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Minecraft Dungeons: The Most Unique and Interesting Enchantments and Weapons We Found

Minecraft Dungeons is scheduled to appear soon, and fans are awaiting it with excitement. The game is set in the blocky Minecraft world, with its progression revolving around enchantments.

Here are the most interesting we found so far.

Artifact Skills

These are active abilities you can gear up with, based on items and artifacts you gather during the gameplay. They come with different strengths, and you can collect more powerful ones as you complete the difficult tiers of the title.

Light Feather is one of the artifact skills we found to be interesting. This ability basically offers you an additional dodge roll, but it will also stun an enemy close to you as you move. Another skill we loved when we discovered is Wind Horn, which is incredibly powerful. It knocks back rivals around you, and it does an amazing job for ranged builds.

Hunter’s Armor

The Hunter’s Armor category of enchantments appears to be focused on archery play styles, increasing the number of arrows you can gather, as well as the overall ranged damage. Here are some of the most unique enchants we found interesting for Hunter’s Armor.

Electrified is a great skill that generates a small static change that kills the rivals around for bonus damage. When using healing potions, Surprise Gift can help you or your allies to stay longer in the game.

The Explorer enchant offers a small amount of health regeneration for every one of the hundred blocks you explore in a tier, which can be of great help. Finally, Fire Trail is amazing because it generates a plume of fire behind you as you carry out a dodge roll, igniting opponents in the process.

Wolf Armor

The Wolf Armor seems to revolve around support-style play, having a shamanistic tilt. It produces a weapon damage boost aura for teammates, and also makes the health potions heal your allies.

Swiftfooted offers a speed bonus after a dodge roll, which is great when you’re trying to escape a group of opponents. Another great skill in this category is Snowball, which provides you with a free stun every few seconds against a mob located close to you with a snowball toss.

Scale Mail

Scale Mail is a great skill a melee character can have as it increases melee damage, damage reduction, as well as health. If you want to get up close to the rivals, this enchant is the best to use.

Among the most impressive Scale Mail skills we saw is Swiftfooted, which offers you a small speed bonus after you roll. Health Synergy is also amazing because it grants you a small increase in health every time you activate an Artifact Skill. Using it together with short cooldowns would make it a very powerful enchantment.


Axe are slow weapons that help you eliminate enemies lurking around your back. Sharpness is one of the enchants available for Axe that we found interesting as it does what it says. It grants you a scaling boost to the melee damage, which is important when killing mobs. Looting is also a great feature that adds an extra chance for consumables to drop from slain mobs.


The basic melee weapon, the Sword, is complete with a triple-slash tip and a small knockback. In this category, the Weakening enchant caught our eye because it is a great option for melee fighters as it decreases the amount of incoming damage on struck mobs. Chains is another feature that gives you the possibility to disperse bindings to nearby opponents, stopping them from moving for a while.

Those are pretty much the enchants that we found to be unique and interesting, as we investigated the Minecraft Dungeons Closed BetaObviously, there are more enchants in the finished game, and those will be made available to players as soon as the title launches.

What enchantments would you like to see in Minecraft Dungeons when it will be released?


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