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Minecraft Dungeons: Developers Made a Pre-Load Available for PC

Minecraft has evolved into one of the most successful and popular games in the world since it launched back in 2009. With millions of players that create and recreate the gameplay on a daily basis, Minecraft has had a lasting impact on the gaming industry.

The next title developed by the creators of the game, Minecraft Dungeons, is expected to launch later this month. Now, a pre-load was made available for PC users, but numerous Xbox console owners are asking when the pre-load will be accessible to them.

Will the Pre-Load be Available on Xbox?

As Minecraft Dungeons’ launch date approaches, there has been a recent update on the game’s Microsoft Store page, citing a pre-load that’s being available for PC. The game is scheduled to release on May 26th, 2020, for Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

The pre-load takes about 2.71 GB of space and will provide instant access to the title as soon as it gets released. However, the gaming studio has not announced anything about the pre-load being available on Xbox One, and there is a rather slim chance that it will.

Minecraft Dungeons – Price, Pre-Orders and Hero Edition

The game is expected to have a price tag of $19.99 on both consoles and PC and can be pre-ordered for Xbox One and PC at most game retailers now. Minecraft Dungeons will also offer Xbox One and PC players a special version of the game, the Hero Edition.

For $29.99, the pack brings some extras in the gameplay, including a Hero Cape, two player skins, a chicken pet, and two DLC packs that are coming soon.

Minecraft Dungeons – Crossplay and Beta Sign-up

Minecraft crossplay has recently torn down some of the walls among the gaming community as it enabled Xbox, PC, and Switch owners to play together, irrelevant of their device.

Those who cannot wait for the launch can also get their hands on the Minecraft Dungeons beta version if they are lucky. Simply head to the official website, provide the developers with your details, and the platform you’ll be playing on, and you might be among the lucky ones that get to access the beta version of the game.


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