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Minecraft Dungeons Closed Beta Registration Available

Minecraft Dungeon was announced at E3 2019, and it seems that Mojang has been hard at work in recent months.

The title will offer Mojang’s take on the action RPG genre, as it takes place within the same universe. A lot of details about the titles were revealed at Minecon, which took place last week. The biggest news comes in the form of a closed beta for the anticipated game.

Prospective players who wish to be a part of the beta have the option to register via the official website. A Microsoft account will be required for the procedure, and it is advised to sign-in with the account used to play Minecraft and Minecraft Earth as cross-game bonuses could be offered at that point. The developer hasn’t mentioned how extensive is the beta test or the available platforms.

The game will be available across PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch upon release. It will offer a Diablo-like experience which is a bit more simplified, as the accent is placed on the battle between the player characters and the malevolent allies of the Arch Illager. It will bring a variety of new mechanics to the Minecraft universe, including the use of flashy weapons.

Single-player and co-op modes will be available. In the case of the former, bots will help you during the game.  A wide selection of items and enchantments has been teased, including unique skills. By choosing different gear, players can optimize their build and find their favorite playstyle.

A new gameplay trailer showcases a selection of skills and locations. Players will fight their way through several biomes, including treacherous valleys, lush jungles, and mysterious temples. Enemies will drop a wealth of loot after they are vanquished and a boss unit was teased.

The trailer ends by showing all the available platforms and a placeholder date of spring 2020. A definite launch date should be provided in the following months.


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