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Minecraft Dungeons​ Trailer Details The Game’s Environments

Minecraft Dungeons is an isometric action-RPG played in Minecraft‘s universe, created by Mojang using Unreal Engine 4. It is mostly inspired by Diablo 3 and other ‘classic dungeon crawlers,’ but puts the focus on loot and combat.

The game is a dungeon crawler, so players will be exploring different regions from an isometric view, killing various familiar Minecraft antagonists with melee and ranged combats, in settings looking like biomes from the main title.

The released trailer showcases the types of environments players will get to see, and some of the concepts behind their designs.

“The levels in Minecraft Dungeons are to some extend procedurally generated,” game designer Pontus Hammarberg said. “The way that we’ve married procedural generation with rewarding gameplay is to design sort of like puzzle pieces that we can then tell the engine to arrange for us, either in a way that we specifically tell us to do or in a way that is more random.”

The randomness will most likely feel not that random than in other titles.

“What procedural generation doesn’t take into account is pacing, what kind of encounters you will have, how the level plays in general, so you have to strike a good mix between procedural generation and crafted content,” level designer Christian Berg, said.

Minecraft Dungeons’ Gameplay from Minecon 2019

Minecraft Dungeons will definitely feel familiar to players. The minutes of new gameplay from Minecoin depicted mobs like skeletons and zombies that act the same way you’d expect them to, relying upon the experience playing the regular Minecraft.

The equipment has improvements that will probably be familiar to players as well. When it comes to new elements, one player summons a llama companion that tails them around and helps attack the rivals. The players also face a loot-giving mob called the ‘piggybank,’ which is a pig geared with a treasure chest on its back. Some opponents, similar to the regular Minecraft, generate with armor and weapons for an additional challenge.

The Minecraft Dungeons launch date has not been officially announced, except that it will be sometime in April.

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