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Minecraft Bedrock for PS4: Common Issues and How to Solve Them

​After Minecraft Bedrock released a new version for PlayStation 4, the game was reported to contain numerous bugs that annoy players. Of course, people are definitely enjoying the latest variant of the title, but the infinite technical issues such as the Sign In error, other launch problems and so on, can drive one crazy.

The new launch was announced and released on December 10th, with the first and foremost reason behind it being the cross-play functionality. This feature allows users to connect across multiple devices, therefore, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

New in Minecraft Bedrock for PS4

Everything in the game has been updated, starting with the blocks, items, UI, and so on. Here are the detailed upgrades the title received with the latest update.

• Dead corals are now places on the surface with no water

• Added wither rose to the gameplay

• The option to produce milk from mushrooms

• Foxes can now pick and carry items in their mouths

• The possibility to customize your avatar

• Extra chat settings such as new colors and menus

• Efficient Block Rendering in the inventory

• Color and contrast solving, adjustments for dropdowns, buttons and the Play display

• The bugs from the text-to-speech-narrator were fixed

• The duplicate progress bars are no longer in the game

• Solved the problem with the safe screen area prompt not visible 

• The keyboard inputs when the game loads out of windows focus were fixed

Solve Common Minecraft Bedrock Bugs And Issues

These issues can be solved even if you might have thought there is no way to fix it. Here are the issues and fixes for each of them.

Issues

Players are reporting encountering a severe error while trying to sign in that says ‘Your Account is Already in Use.’

The solving: WAIT. According to Mojang, the technical team is working on the issue continually, so if you encounter it, wait for a while before logging in again.

Earth Errors

There were reported compatibility issues between signing in the Minecraft Bedrock version and accessing the Minecraft Earth account.

The solving: Link your PSN to the Microsoft account. You can do so without affecting the Minecraft Earth account. Even so, currently, the content on PSN will not be transferred to other Bedrock devices, or vice-versa.

This error has been fixed already, but some players were reporting they are encountering it again. If you also face it, use this tip to solve it.

The Bottom Lines

These simple fixes to issues you might encounter in Minecraft Bedrock for PlayStation 4 should do the job. Even if you are facing some other errors in the game, it is important to wait, as the new version of the title has just been released. Developers need a bit of time to solve every issue that appears.

If you are encountering any other issue in Minecraft Bedrock for PS4, do share it in the comments below. Someone might be able to reach out to you to help you solve it.


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