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Minecraft: Bedrock Edition beta- Status and changes

There is a new beta version available for the Minecraft video games series. Although the game developer releases a new version almost every week, people are still surprised by this fact. However, the latest Minecraft: Bedrock Edition released today includes lots of interesting changes.

The update comes with bug fixes and all sorts of game adjustments, but most importantly, it includes updates for creators as well. If you are already curious about the new beta version, you can try it out before the official release comes out.

Update Bug Fixes

Performance and Stability

  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay
  • Fixed a crash on startup on Xbox One

Achievement Screen

  • Time played now displays correctly on the achievement screen (MCPE-25938)
  • Allow navigating the focus to the summary by pressing left on the gamepad when narration is enabled
  • Updated input legends for achievement list and achievement reward
  • “Screen” is now narrated when opening an achievement detail screen
  • Fixed how we calculate how many rewards a player has
  • Show the achievements, even after a timeout, when the data has been fetched
  • Don’t play click sounds when using a mouse button that is not primary
  • Fix issue where the scrollbar would appear even when there is no content to scroll
  • Added acceleration to focus navigation while using a gamepad
  • Fixed focus persistency while switching from the All tab
  • Fixed support for the mouse “back button” to go back from the achievements screen
  • Fixed support for the Escape button to go back from the achievements screen
  • Fixed an issue where the Input Legend for a Tab would be “open” even when the Tab was already selected


  • Fixed text-to-speech not reading the messages on various screens
  • Fixed maps not being in the list of items when using the /clear command
  • Fixed sign-in button becoming unresponsive after backing out of sign-in prompt screen


  • Cobblestone is now shown as the default ingredient for stone tools (MCPE-71843)
  • Reduced and reintroduced linear attenuation for raid horn sound (MCPE-85593)
  • The correct sounds are now played for breaking and placing item frames (MCPE-98901)


Some of the Techincal changes include new adjustments for creators, such as a new BlockQueuedTickingComponent that triggers a block’s events on a range of time set by the creator. To find out more about the complete changelog, check out the Minecraft official website. 


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