Minecraft And Tesla: Elon Musk Suggests Adding The Game In Tesla

Elon Musk said not too long ago that Minecraft has amazing legs. He also had a very interesting request on his social media account as you can see below.

This request came before as well and it’s been said again that it would be pretty cool to add more video games in Tesla cars.

As you know by now, the automated car drives itself basically and it already has some games implemented in it. Essentially Sports notes the following games: Fallout Shelter, Lunar Lander, to Cup Head, Missile Command, etc. The car has various games, and Elon wanted to add Witcher to that list back in January.

Are interactive games safe enough? 

Now, it’s been revealed that Musk feels that the car really needs more interactive games such as Minecraft or Pokemon Go.

The man is always figuring out all kinds of ways to bring out the best experience in his Tesla cars, that’s for sure.

It’s also important to note the fact that his tweet has the foremost criteria solved – drive safely. This means that haters who criticize the idea of a more interactive augmented reality game in Tesla cars will be able to rest assured.

On the other hand, no matter how easy a game is, it will always require a sort of focus. While waiting to see Minecraft in Tesla, you can check out how to build a Minecraft spectral arrow.

Some in-game processes could be complicated for a beginner, and making a spectral arrow, for instance, is one of them. But if you’ll pay attention to several easy steps, you’ll get the job done ASAP.

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