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Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 4 Could Pack Both Intel and AMD’s Processors

It hasn’t been long since Microsoft has released its latest Surface Laptop, which was the first model to provide users with a choice between Intel and AMD processors.

The tech giant has been rumored to be working on the Surface Laptop 4 for a while, and numerous intel said that it is packing it with the most recent processor technology from both Intel and AMD.

Now, a new benchmark has surfaced on the web, which seems to imply that the forthcoming Surface Laptop 4 will feature either the new AMD Ryzen 4000 SoC or the upcoming Intel Tiger Lake-U CPUs. Both these new generations of chipset tech come with significant performance enhancements compared to previous models. If this leak is correct, it means that we could get a Surface Laptop 4 that is a significant upgrade from the Surface Laptop 3.

The benchmark leaks depict what it appears to be a Surface Laptop 4 packing a Tiger Lake-U processor with a 2.7GHz base clock and a 4.3GHz boost clock with four cores and eight threads.

If the Surface Laptop 4 does end up featuring the new Intel SoC, it definitely demonstrates that Microsoft is taking seriously the task of manufacturing a device that provides powerful performance in a thin and minimalist design.

There have been numerous speculations that the Surface Laptop 4 will come with the new AMD Ryzen 4000 chips as well. This would also mean that Microsoft’s device could pack the latest technology, which would make it an outstanding laptop. It also implies the fact that the tech giant will again provide users with a choice between Intel and AMD technology.

Initially, Microsoft’s Surface laptops only featured Intel processors, but starting with 2019, the company began launching systems with AMD SoC, which was a significant achievement for the CPU producer.

Although these are still speculations, it would not be such a surprise if the Surface Laptop 4 will come this year with either or both Intel’s and AMD’s latest and most advanced mobile processors.

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