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Microsoft’s New Surface Laptop 3 Screens Reportedly Crack During Daily Use

Microsoft has started examining reports from numerous Surface Laptop 3 users who say that the screens of their devices suddenly cracked while they were using it.

Multiple owners of the newly released premium laptop have reported on Reddit and Microsoft’s forums hairline cracks in the display that showed up all of a sudden. The company has demanded those customers to pay for the damages themselves, but it is now acknowledging the fact that the quality control issue is actually more widespread.

“I have the same problem. Micro crack appeared in the right hand side of my Laptop 3. No damage caused by me,” reads a report written by one forum member. “There is another thread on this forum describing the same issue (can’t post the link….) from several other people…There appears to be a design and/or manufacturing defect.”

Another user joined in: “Same problem here. I never ever had a cracked display in any phone of [sic] laptop the last 20 years. And with my new surface laptop 3 I had spontaneously a crack in one month. I must pay 560,- euro for a replacement within the warranty period.”

The Issue Doesn’t Ask for a Devices Recall

In just a few cases, Surface Laptop 3 owners have gotten the tech giant to replace the screen without cost. However, all the other customers are being told to fix the damages at their own expense.

ZDNet wrote Microsoft regarding the issue and got the following response: “A limited number of Surface Laptop customers have contacted Microsoft and have reported screens that have cracked through no fault of their own. We are evaluating the situation and investigating the root cause of the claims.”

Microsoft began sending the Surface Laptop 3 a few months ago, at the end of October 2019, so it is incredibly early in the device’s lifetime to encounter such issues. With that being said, only a handful of customers have actually reported spontaneously cracked screens, so the issue doesn’t seem extensive enough for Microsoft to warrant a recall.

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