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Microsoft Surface Go 2 and Surface Book 3 Rumors – Release Date, Possible Specs, And Other Details

We are waiting for the next Microsoft Surface series to be released on the market. Microsoft hasn’t launched any ultraportable laptops or notebook computers yet; however, that’s what leaks are for. The company hasn’t said anything regarding a possible Microsoft Surface Go 2 and Surface Book 3 lineup, but again, these are where the leaks intervene.

The content of the leaks in this article is based on an online retailer. This person leaked some very relevant details about Microsoft’s upcoming products. Whether this person leaked the information on purpose or not, we don’t know, but it is definitely worth looking into them. The leaked information includes specs, features, cost, as well as the availability of the upcoming Microsoft Surface Go 2 and the Surface Book 3.

The company is updating its ultra-portable computing devices. There is no secret that they are now filling up the legal paperwork from the FCC in regards to wireless communication and networking licenses. The Surface line is very popular and appreciated among the tech lovers, and we can’t wait and see the original Microsoft products.

Microsoft Surface Go 2 And Surface Book 3 Specifications, Features

Based on the leak, the Microsoft Surface Go 2 design philosophy is different from the first Microsoft Surface Go model. The upcoming device from Microsoft is going to feature mainstream hardware that will increase its price. The Microsoft Surface Go 2 will be the only successor of the first most expensive and smallest product of the Surface series. The predecessors of Microsoft Surface Go 2 features advanced hardware and specs worth of its price; however, it looks like the company is stepping up their game this time.

Looking at the upcoming specs of the Surface Go 2 portable device, we expect to see an advanced Intel Core m3-8100Y or Pentium 4425Y CPU. The advanced Intel Core m3 chip is more powerful than the other two chips, which is why we expect to see it on the Surface Go 2 Business and Enterprise version. The upcoming portable device is said to feature a 10-inch display with 1800×1200 pixels resolution.

In terms of the storage options, we might be presented with a wide range variant, according to the leak. The first is the in 4GB and 8GB RAM variant; however, the consumers can choose from the 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB of storage options.

Moving forward to the Microsoft Surface Book 3 expectations, we might not see any changes in terms of design. However, under the hood is a different story. We will definitely see some major changes in the internal components of the upcoming device. According to the leak, the Microsoft Surface Book 3 will come in two display variants. The first one will be a 13.5-inch display, and the second available version is a 15-inch display model. Both will be powered by Intel’s 10th-generation CPUs as well as Nvidia Quadro GPU.

According to the most recent leak, the upcoming Surface Book 3 will come with two processors variants. Consumers will more than likely enjoy the Intel Core i5-10210U or the Intel Core i7-10510U options. The upcoming product is said to feature an 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB of RAM variants for both of the chip options. Another thing that fans expect to see is a wide range of onboard SSD storage, such as the possibility of a 1 TB.

Microsoft Surface Go 2 And Surface Book 3 Price, Launch And Availability

According to the leak, the start price of Microsoft Surface Go 2 is 626 Euros. That is for the Intel Core m3-8100Y variant; the Intel Pentium 4425Y model price is said to start at 960 Euros.

The Microsoft Surface Book 3 price is much higher than the the Microsoft Surface Go 2 model. The 13.5-inch display option is said to start at 1,617 Euros, the max being 2,616 Euros for its premium version. The 15-inch screen variant is said to launch at the price of 2,234 Euros for its basic model and reach up to 3,441 Euros for its premium version.

Despite all the information leaked on the internet, Microsoft has not officially confirmed anything yet. Basically, the Microsoft Surface Go 2 and the Surface Book 3 might not even exist. However, we only have to wait until the digital event takes place from May 19 to May 21. The event is called the Build Developer Conference, and that’s when we expect to find out official news about the upcoming ultraportable 2-in-1 products.


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