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Microsoft Surface Duo and Surface Neo SDK Released Along With a Microsoft Emulator for Devs

Today, Microsoft released its Surface Duo preview SDK complete with an emulator and Java frameworks, allowing developers to begin experimenting with the two-screen form factor on Android. We also got more details about the actual functioning and handling of apps on the dual-screen setup. You will be able to drag and drop, and it will support touch and pen interaction as well as more potential app scaling and interaction patterns down the road.

Last year Microsoft shared the vision for dual-screen devices and how this new device category will help people get their job done faster and smarter. They are genuinely excited to give you an update on how you can get started and optimize dual-screen devices. Developers will have access to a demo version of the dual-screen software. Our wish is to provide you with the Microsoft Emulator for dual-screen support, documentation, and code samples. The Emulator gives you more options on how you can finish different tasks because it has two screens that can fold.

Microsoft Released the Surface Duo and Surface Neo SDK

Microsoft presented Surface Duo, which is the company’s first dual-screen smartphone running on Android, and the Surface Neo, which is essentially a larger tablet version of the Duo with Windows 10X on board. Both are expected to arrive for the 2020 holiday shopping season, but Microsoft is giving software developers a head start to optimize their apps.

People who want to write apps for the Duo dual-screen surface will have to wait a while longer because Microsoft is planning to offer a pre-release version at the end of 2020, maybe on Christmas Holidays. So once Google or Apple launches one app, everyone will want it. Microsoft is in some serious trouble spending so many resources on supporting a rival ecosystem. Without a reasonable spending budget, the company would be toast by now.


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