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Microsoft Has Still Not Solved the Surface Pen Issue Months After Continuous Reports

Surface Pro X and Surface Pro 7 users have been reported for a while about the Surface Pen issues they are encountering. The worst thing about this problem is that the company, Microsoft, hasn’t offered any practicable solution to fix this issue even after four months of continuous reports from users.

Angry owners have written about this frustrating issue with their expensive Surface Pro devices on Reddit and Microsoft’s community forum, as well as made several threads [123] on the official Windows 10 forums.

Surface Pro 7 Pressure Detection Mechanism is the Culprit

The reports say that the detection of the pen is highly inaccurate when the palm is resting on the screen of the Surface device. Because of that, the pen’s accuracy issue makes the stylus to identify only about five to 20 pressure levels.

Someone wrote in Microsoft’s Answers thread, “Pen works fine when only the pen is making contact with the screen. However, when my palm is resting on the screen, the pressure detection of the pen becomes extremely inaccurate. As soon as skin (palm, fingers, etc.) makes contact with the screen, the pressure curve of the pen becomes a staircase, as if the pen could only detect 5-20 levels of pressure instead of 4096 like it’s supposed to.”

We should also note that the Surface Pen’s accuracy issue still persists for some people who have sent their devices to Microsoft’s repair shop. It appears that the problem is particularly linked to a Surface firmware bug, but nothing is clear yet. Users of Surface products should install the most recent firmware update in order to address the issue.

Some people believe that Microsoft might take a few months to fix this error, just like it did with the battery discharge issue, as well as with other flaws.

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