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Microsoft Edge 83 Beta Brings New Features, Improvements, and Bug Fixes

A beta version of the Microsoft Edge web browser has been recently released. The Microsoft Edge 83 version brings bug fixes and improved stability, increases performance, and implements several new exciting features. Therefore, the users can easily download the latest version and test its capabilities. The released version brings more customization for the PDF tools, focusses more on the Immersive Reader, and users can now add a more significant number of tabs than before.

The release of the beta version was announced by Microsoft on its Twitter official account. The Edge Beta development channel develops improvements every six weeks, which automatically implies that the company is highly involved with Canary and Dev channel Insiders. The company has declared officially that they are thrilled to present the impressive amount of features aiming to improve the user experience.

Most significant new features in Microsoft Edge 83 Beta

The devs announced their willingness to launch a block where they will be posting tips and tricks on how to work more productive from home during the lockdown period. The most impressive upgrade that was launched is the PDF tool improvement. Now, users are allowed to chose the color to their liking to underline the essential information in a PDF file. In addition to this, the Imerssice Reader comes with the option of adding multiple tabs in the Collections folder.

The novelty is that users can now save all their desired pages and re-open whenever they need them by accessing the Collections option. To save the tabs, all you need to do is to right-click on it and choose the option “Add tabs to the collection” in Microsoft Edge. The tabs that are currently opened on the screen will be added to a collection, whose name is chosen by the user. If you need to re-open the tabs, simply right-click on the selection and search for the option entitled “open the items.”


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