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Microsoft Edge Update is Now Available

Microsoft Edge is among the most used mobile web browsers in the world. Popular because of its fast web navigating speeds, the browser packs a multitude of impressive features that are helping it deliver a premium user experience.

Even so, the attire that sets Microsoft Edge apart from the other alternatives is the fact that the company behind it updates it on a periodic basis with software enhancements. Here are a few key features that Microsoft Edge​ offers.

Key Features 

Private Browsing

• Your favorite pages, reading lists, and passwords are safely and securely stored and synced across your devices, in order to enjoy a personalized browsing experience

• Incognito Browser – when you use the InPrivate tabs, your browsing data, such as cookies, History, autofill information, or temporary files, is not saved on the device after you close all the InPrivate tabs

Block Ads

• Adblock Plus offers help in blocking ads. To enable the ad blocker, head over to ‘Settings,’ and ‘Content blockers’

Personalize the Browser

• The Reading view helps you reorganize content on a webpage in order to make it easier to focus

• Customize, find and manage your content with the Favorites option

• The Reading List, as well as your History are all in one place

Save Passwords, Save Time

• Microsoft Edge​ enables you to store your passwords in a secure manner

• You can save passwords on the browser, and also save time when you revisit the Favorites tab

Microsoft Edge Update

Microsoft does its best in updating the web browser on a regular basis. This makes it a great platform to navigate on, as it continually receives new features, bug fixes, and improvements. The most recent release that just got rolled out, Microsoft Edge​ update, is now available to download. It packs some general bug fixes and performance improvements.

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