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Microsoft Did It Again: The Tech Giant Sends Out Wrong Windows 10 Update

Oops, they did it again! Microsoft finds itself in trouble once more due to quite an embarrassing turn of events. TechRadar just reported that the tech giant has once again released the wring Windows 10 update to users.

You may recall, especially if you’re using Windows 10, that back in October, Microsoft sent the wrong Windows 10 update. This was supposed to bring users “quality improvements to Windows Autopilot configured devices.”

But unfortunately, it seemed that rather than going only to devices powered by Autopilot (a tool used to set up devices in a business environment), that update was sent to ALL users of Windows 10, and this included Windows 10 Home users as well.

The tech giant does it again 

Now, it seems that it’s like going back in time because history repeats itself once more. Microsoft made the same mistake again by pushing Windows 10 Autopilot update ‘KB4532441’ out to all users.

The update was part of its Patch Tuesday updates on December 10.

Just like it happened back in October, people who are using consumer versions of Windows 10 saw the Autopilot update, and even if this was previously installed, it was offered to them continually, as TechRadar reports.

Microsoft apologized for the mistake 

The tech giant quickly acknowledged the error and took down the update as fast as possible.

Microsoft also made sure to apologize to users and stated the following in the release notes for the update:

“This update was available through Windows Update. However, we have removed it because it was being offered incorrectly.”

Microsoft was in the spotlight back in November after the company changed its mind about killing the OneNote 2016 desktop application.

According to the latest reports coming from The Verge, Microsoft released Office 2019 without any updates made to the desktop version of the app mentioned above. Mainstream support for OneNote 2016 continues, and this made enthusiast users really happy.


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