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Microsoft Delayed The Launch Of Its Surface Earbuds

Microsoft has been hard at work on the Surface Earbuds, but the company decided to delay them, which means that the product will skip the popular holiday shopping season. A large number of companies have started to work hard on truly wireless earbuds that offer a large number of features.

A high-ranking Microsoft employee has stated that the gadget will be released during the spring of 2020 as the company will strive to deliver a compelling product that aims to satisfy the needs of the customers. Some processes will require more time than it is expected, and many fans would be happier with a working product that arrives at a later date instead of receiving a half-baked one early.

The Redmond company may use the extra time to improve and add new features to the earbuds. At first, some people criticized the design of the headphones since they rear reaction is covered by a white touch-sensitive circle that makes them quite easy to spot from a distance.

Surface Earbuds launch delayed

Microsoft argued that the touch surface would allow users to use an intuitive control scheme without the need to fiddle around as they try to find small buttons. By using a custom-made anchor point system, each earbud will remain in your year even while practicing activities that require you to move at a fast speed.

Those who enjoy high-quality playback capabilities will enjoy a rich experience offered by Omnisonic sound drivers that were tuned to deliver exceptional audio quality. Two microphones are also present in each earbud to enhance voice recognition and call quality.

A smart integration system will allow users to check a variety of useful information without the need to remove their smartphone from their pocket. They will have the option to listen and answer emails, schedule meetings, and record to-do lists on the go. It remains to be seen if the final Surface Earbuds release will be popular.


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