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Microsoft Apps: Latest Updates and Enhances

​The beginning of this year was rather quiet, but Microsoft has already begun implementing new changes and features to its apps. Here are some interesting game milestones, the enhanced Edge icons, and more that already took place in the popular service.

Gaming Milestones

Rare unveiled the fact that Sea of Thieves has been played by more than 100 million players since its release in March 2018. To celebrate this, players who log into the game between January 15th and 22nd will receive custom sails, and an all-new emote. Moreover, the following content update, named Legends of the Seas, will roll out on January 15th.

A second milestone we want to mention is related to Flight Simulator, whose Tech Alpha 2 title has begun its final testing stage. The second series of invites should appear between January 13th and January 17th, with Microsoft also making the Feedback Snapshot for the game viewable for the public.

Now, those who use a console can finally play Grand Theft Auto V as part of the subscription. The Frostpunk: Console Edition and Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet​ has also been added to the series, and Takken 7 getting to join the list on January 16th.

Refreshed Icons

Even though the main icon on Microsoft’s Chromium Edge was unveiled the previous year, it was not launched to every platform and, more so, not to every testing department. However, the stable channel on iOS received the brand new icon​ together with improved navigation and UI features for easier access to favorites, search, and more.

The first Edge Dev installment of the year has also been released for PC. Version 81.0.381.0​ reboots favorites syncing and incorporates features such as suggesting correct URLs if the URL is misspelled, the capacity to paste numerous items into a Collection at once, and a keyboard shortcut for starting Read Aloud.

Some bug fixes were also included, and they were rather numerous.

An Enhanced Task Manager

Windows 10 vNExt 19541​ build has also been rolled out; the feature set is small, addressing some updates to the separate Cortana application, such as the return of Bing Instant Answers and Timers, and a notification area icon to show when the location function is being used.

Moreover, there is now an option to depict the structure of each process falling under the ‘Details’ tab of Task Manager. It is rather not clear whether it is a substitute for the already accessible Platform option, or it will be there just as another tab users can choose.

The dependability of System Settings has been enhanced as well, notifications that a reboot is required do not persist anymore after rebooting, and the Feedback Hub, search, and Task Manager have also been improved.​


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