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Microsoft, Adobe and Google Patched Some Crucial Flaws in the Latest Update

Microsoft has just released a series of updates that fix a few security vulnerabilities in its software, all of them containing patches to solve a minimum of 72 weaknesses in numerous areas of Windows and programs that function with it as well.

The November updates come with patches for a zero-day weakness in Internet Explorer that is at the moment being exploited, and also a tricky bug in a few versions of the Office for Mac that slides security protections and was announced for the public a day before the releases.

Critical Vulnerabilities Patched

Over a dozen of the weaknesses addressed in this month’s updates are labeled ‘critical,’ which means they contain flaws that could be exploited to install malware without the user needing to take any kind of action, except for probably browsing a hacked or malicious website or launching a virused file attachment.

Probably, the most intricate of those vital holes is a zero-day vulnerability in the Internet Explorer that has already been actively exploited. The latest update released by Microsoft is also repairing two other critical flaws in the same Windows element that manages different scripting languages.

The update also addressed a flaw in Microsoft Office for Mac that could enable attackers to slip behind security protections in some variants of the program.

Other Windows apps or elements that received patches for vital vulnerabilities include Microsoft Exchange and Windows Media Player. Moreover, the company also addressed nine other flaws, five of them critical, in the Windows Hyper-V, an add-on to the Windows Server OS and Windows 10 Pro, that enables users to design and run virtual machines from the operating system.

Adobe and Google Also Patched Major Flaws

Even though Adobe usually releases patches for its Flash Player browser element on Patch Tuesday, this is the second continual month that Adobe has not issued any security updates for its product. However, Adobe had rolled out security fixes for a number of creative software suites, such as Animate, Media Encoder, Illustrator, and Bridge.

Lastly, Google recently addressed a zero-day flaw found in its Chrome web browser. Users of Google Chrome can see an arrow facing upward to the right of the address bar – that arrow suggests there is an update pending. Simply closing and reopening the browser should install the update.

Make sure that you stay updated on Windows patches as it is crucial to ensure you’re downloading and updating the operating system only after you’ve managed to back up your important data and files. A steady backup means you’re most likely not frightened when the old buggy patch caused issues booting the system. Therefore, for your own benefit, make sure you back up your files and data before installing any new updates.

Like always, if you encounter glitches or issues when installing any of these new patches this month, feel free to leave a comment in the section below. There is a pretty good chance other readers have encountered the same problem and may even hop in here with some useful tips.


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