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Miami Beach Condo Collapse Death Toll Nears 100

Twelve-story Champlain Towers South unexpectedly crumbled to the ground around 1.30 a.m. ET. Sunday is the eighteenth day since it happened , and rescue efforts are still ongoing. At least 90 deaths have been reported. The current figures come as crews work round the clock to sort through debris from the unfortunate occurrence.

As of Sunday morning, Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava said next-of-kin notifications provided to their families had aided the proper identification of no less than 71 victims.

A still-standing section of the building had slowed the pace of experts trying to access part of the debris pile. Officials proceeded to demolish it, accelerating search efforts in the past week. While more than 14 million pounds of concrete have been taken away, around 31 people are still missing.

Local authorities are grateful for the international assistance they’ve received in recovery efforts. One Israeli team has been particularly outstanding, and the mayor has duly presented keys to the county to the commander of the team in recognition of their selfless acts.

Cava made sure to point out the Israeli team’s “unrelenting dedication and compassionate service” to her community and the families and survivors of the tragic incident.

According to the Mayor Charles Burkett of Surfside, engineers examining the Champlain Towers North, one block away from Champlain Towers South, are running tests, and results should be out in earnest. The tests are expected to clarify why the building collapsed, though early results show the concrete strength is far above optimal. Testers hope analysis of the contents and substance of the concrete will provide clues as to what went wrong. However, this will take a long while.

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