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Master Clash of Clans with These Excellent Tips

Clash of Clans may have been released several years ago, but the mobile game has remained a hit among smartphone owners, with millions of active players each day.

The popular strategy title allows players to become the leader of a village and to raise it from its humble state to a powerful kingdom that can strike fear in the hearts of enemy players. It is easy to start playing the game, but real skill is needed to climb through the ladders as a champion.

Read below to learn some excellent tips which can help you to improve your performance and make your clan proud.

Use a good base-building guide

The essential key to victory is to build a good base. If you are new to the game or plan to start a fresh account, it is advised to look for a solid base-building guide. You can find a great selection of guides, and they will offer in-depth information about what you need to do and what to build at every level. There are also great tips for the optimization of the Builder Base.

Join a clan

Joining a clan is a must if you want to rise through the ranks and become a better player. Clan members will gain access to a variety of boons, including additional resources and the chance to participate in clan-only events and modes.

Keep the base clean

Logging in every day may not be very exciting when you have something else to do, but it can greatly increase the performance of the village. Clean the base to remove unneeded stuff and to enjoy the chance to earn good rewards.

Optimize builder use

Many players faced the temptation to use gems when all their builders were working on upgrades. It’s a better idea to hoard gems and use them to buy the third and fourth builders, which are quite expensive.


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