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Mass Effect 5 News — What to Expect From the Next Title in the Series

Back in 2018, Mass Effect: Andromeda came up as a big flop, didn’t succeeding in reaching everyone’s expectations. Maybe it was only a phase so that we could enjoy the better series of Mass Effect 5 soon. It will mark the 5th edition of the game if it’s going to be developed in the EA studios. EA developers recently released its gem Anthem, which reached the status of a massive hit when it comes to gameplay and plot.

The earnings, however, were the main thing that is regarded as a flop. Also, the game is useful a little bit for its mechanics features, but we can’t say the same thing for its way of meeting fans’ exceptions. The Mass Effect could have returned to its known excellent status if developers had made the right decisions and took the most critical steps.

The Plot Might Return to Its Root

Mass Effect disappointed because of the frenzied plot of the game, which brings much uncertainty among the gamers. If the following franchise desires to be a hit, then developers should comprehend the origins of the game. As for the game’s ending, Mass Effect provides us some odd choices. They should concentrate on one storyline and not turn the hypotheses with peculiar conclusions.

Right Choice for the Set of Characters

The game needs a full set of characters well-done build, with a strong background, and an excellent way of development through the story. It is also significant if the game intends to hit big the tops. Moreover, to become a game blockbuster, developers need to introduce new characters and new races.

Introducing New Features in the Mass Effect 5 Title

For Andromeda, the developed mechanics were pretty advanced, so if the new installment brings new features, we’ll have more chances to enjoy the best version of the game ever.


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