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Mario Kart Tour Winter Update Disappoints Fans

Mario Kart Tour has received the winter update fans have been excitedly anticipating.​ To players’ surprise, the update was rather disappointing, leaving lots of fans wondering whether they should keep playing the game.

The popular title’s Winter Tour ​is intended to be a festive bunch of seasonal fun that ends the year in a cool way. It features Mario in a Santa costume able to drive you around, as well as a massive Christmas tree to every race track, and sets the start of a brand new reward course for players to go through. However, the magical winter heaven is not present; it only incorporates DK Pass, a fun but short get-away.

Mario Kart Tour Fans are Disappointed by the Update

By nature, Mario Kart Tour​ is a game based on hustle and progression: you complete tracks, earn stars and use them to open new cups that incorporate new tracks. The game was released close to the end of September of this year with a $5 monthly subscription option. This gold level registration unlocks access to 200cc races, special challenges, and bonus rewards for completing tasks. 

This month, gold members reportedly feel rather ripped off. The only racer they can get with the gold tier is Dry Bowser, which most of them already have or don’t really want it. Santa Mario is not incorporated in the tier but highlighted in the winter pipe. This means that players have one percent possibility of earning him every time they play the pipe lottery, but are ensured they get him by the 100th try. 

Mario Kart Tour’s multiplayer is scheduled to appear next month. Nintendo announced the other month that the addition is set to go into beta in December, and it will only be available to test by paid subscribers. Ultimately, it will be accessible to everyone, as per the game’s developer and publisher.


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