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Mario Kart Tour 1.4.0 Update is Available for Download

Mario Kart Tour is a widely popular go-kart-style racing game that’s achieved incredible imaging inspired by real-world cities. Players race around curses with destinations featured in tours that cycle every two weeks. With this feature, the game is never getting boring.

In addition to matches based on renown locales, a number of popular Mario Kart characters get modified to include the local style of cities illustrated in the game.

​Mario Kart​ Tour Key Features

The ​Mario Kart​ series enables players to earn the gold with just one finger. The action is comprised of steering the wheel and drifting with ease, as well as slinging certain items just to get the gold in cups filled with brand new and original ​Mario Kart​ tours.

​Mario Kart​ Tour enables access to a depository of powerful items that can shake things up on the racetrack. With the new time-limited Frenzy mode, you get an unlimited supply of a particular item and make yourself invisible.

Players can earn Grand Stars by racing or fire off the pipe in the game to get more drivers, karts, and also gliders. In particular tours, the first place is not always the aim. The bonus challenge courses require a certain approach to gameplay and test your strategy skills.

The game challenges you to race in order to level up in your online rank, with your scores determining how you stand next to other players from all over the world. By practicing regularly and testing various combinations of drivers, karts, and gliders, you can enhance your score and get to the top in no time.

​Mario Kart​ Tour is free to download and play but has some optional in-game purchases. You can disable this feature from your device’s settings. Keep in mind, however, that to play ​Mario Kart​ Tour, you must have a Nintendo account.

Mario Kart Tour 1.4.0 Update

​Mario Kart​ Tour receives quite regular updates, with the majority bringing new features and adjusting the gameplay. The most recent, ​Mario Kart​ Tour 1.4.0 update, makes it possible for players to now see more information about the other players in the ranking tier. One of the details now visible is the driver they are using.

In addition, the new update adjusted the way the ranking announcement and menu screens are displayed.


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