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Many People Took it to Twitter to Express Their Excitement Regrading PS5’s SSD Possibilities

Naughty Dog’s designer and industry veteran, Kurt Margenau, is currently involved as co-director in The Last of Us Part 2 for PlayStation 4, but he is also reportedly considering the SSD options made possible by Sony‘s next-generation console, PS5.

As per a post on Twitter, Margenau concentrated on the console’s fast, custom 825GB SSD and the design developments that can be performed, more so for first parties. A while back, Sony’s lead system architect, Mark Cerny, provided us with a technical presentation in which he detailed the PS5‘s specs, emphasizing the faster loading times that will be feasible with the SSD, in comparison to the PlayStation 4.

Margenau is not the only one that’s been tweeting about the next-generation console, either. The Last of Us 2 team members Anthony Newman and Michael Barclay, also posted about the SSD, showing excitement.

Besides the first-parties, Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford said that he was ‘very excited about that I/O,’ and the Founder and CTO of The Order 1886 developer, Ready at Dawn, called the PS5 ‘one of the most revolutionary, inspired home consoles ever designed.’

Andrea Pessino also said that a console is more than a handful of specs, and that gradual hardware enhancements are significant, but abstractions, APIs, integration, and the most part of the architecture are even more important.

“That’s where the biggest innovations are to come in this age of diminishing returns,” he said.

We do not know absolutely everything about the PlayStation 5 as of yet, more so when it comes to the price tag and the titles that will offer, although the evidence is likely to be there. We’d definitely appreciate what the next generation of consoles can do when we get the chance to see them and play the games it provides.

Both the PS5 and Microsoft‘s Xbox Series X are set to release in the Holiday period of this year.


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