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Manage ‘Favorites’ and Other Features in the New Microsoft Edge

There is no secret that the Microsoft Edge has a unique feature that the user very much enjoys. This is the way they have an advantage when compared to the Chromium browsers. The company has just launched some new features for the browser, and they don’t plan to stop here.

Manage Favorites in Microsoft Edge

The company plans to introduce a similar feature to the Favorites menu experience that Android users can use. According to a Twitter account, the Redmond giant will redesign this Android feature and make it available on the Microsoft Edge.

“#Microsoft is working on the possibility of rearranging favorites with a drag gesture in #Edge (#MicrosoftEdge) for #Android,” wrote @alex193a on his Twitter page.

This will make users’ life more comfortable. It means that they can arrange the favorites on their liking. Customizing features are always a plus, as we all like to have control of our choices. However, we don’t know yet if this new feature will be available to everyone.

Other features in the new Microsoft Edge

The Microsoft 365 event that took place recently has revealed more features that the company wants to introduce in the future in the Microsoft Edge browser. Part of the major features is the smart copy, collections, and vertical tabs. This last feature is available for both Android and iOS users.

Another change is that very soon, Microsoft Edge will allow its users to view, edit, and manage Collections from your smartphones. This new feature will be launched this year’s Spring. The Smart copy feature means that you will be able to copy and paste without thinking about the formatting.

A new Password Monitor feature will take better care of the privacy in your Microsoft Edge browser. As for the support for vertical tabs. This feature will allow you to shift your tabs on the chosen side of your screen.

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