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Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars 2.20 Update Comes With New Content And Improvements

Many gamers love strategy games, which offer the ability to manage your own base, create a powerful army, and showcase your skills in battles against rivals. Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars is one of the most popular strategy titles for mobile devices, and a must-play for any fan of the genre.

About Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars

The lore of the game mentions that after a harrowing battle, the Emperor of the land has fallen, prompting Lords to wage war. Become one of the Lords and show that you are a force to be reckoned with.

Take control of a humble kingdom and help it thrive by constructing new buildings, gathering resources, and training your troops. Any army is as powerful as the country which controls it, and it is essential to have a mighty kingdom if you want a powerful army that can face any challenges with ease.

Heroes will be attracted by the wealth of your kingdom and will come to offer their services in battle. Harness them and your troops to lead powerful armies with the help of troop formations, which offer the ability to create specialized lineups that will take advantage of the composition of the enemy armies to strike vulnerable points and deal additional damage.

A Lord is powerful on their own, but vital assistance can be provided by allies. Join a guild to fight together for the common good of the empire and participate in a series of exciting events, among which we can count Guild Wars, Kingdom Versus Kingdom, Wonder Wars, and many more.

Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars 2.20 update brings new content and improvements

Lavish in the events of a battle as the powerful graphics engine used by the game can depict the actions in impressive 3D graphics that rival premium experiences. New features are introduced by the Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars 2.20 update:

  • New models and voices are available for Heroes
  • Built new wonders in the form of Baron’s Frost and Baron’s Glacier
  • Revamped rule sets for the multiplayer modes and much more in Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars

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