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Logout From Facebook Messenger With These Quick Tips

Facebook’s decision to make the chat function a standalone feature in the form of the Facebook Messenger app has been met with mixed reactions when it was announced. In time the app was embraced, but many users are still disappointed by the fact that there is no logout button. Below you can find some handy tutorials that will allow you to logout from the Messenger app for Android, iOS, and PC.

Logout from Facebook Messenger on Android

There are two methods that can be used on Android devices: clearing the app data or logging out via the Facebook app:

  • Clear the Messenger app data
  • Start by closing the app if it is open and remove it from the list of the recent apps before you continue
  • Go to Settings/Apps or Application Manager and look for the Messenger app. Tao on it and then tap on the Storage section
  • After the Storage option is selected, tap on Clear data and Clear cache

Logout using the Facebook app

Launch the Android Facebook app and type on the More button, which looks like three lines in the upper-right corner. Look for the Settings and Privacy option and tap on it. Go to Settings/Security and login. Find the Where you’re logged in section, select the Messenger session, and tap on Log Out.

Logout from Facebook Messenger on iOS

Access the Facebook app and tap on the More button located in the lower-right area. Go to Settings/Account Settings/ Security and look for the Where you’re logged in option. Tap on it, and the app will display all the active sessions. Find the Facebook Messenger on iOS.

Logout via the Facebook website

You can also logout from the mobile Facebook Messenger apps from the Facebook website. Go to the official Facebook website click on the reverted triangle icon in the upper right corner. Select the Settings option and then go to Security and Login and find the Where you’re logged in section. Find the desired section, click on the three dots on the left, and then on Log Out.


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