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LINE Lite 2.13.1 Update Brings Custom Stickers And More

During these days of social distancing, many people resort to messaging apps to remain in touch with their family and friends without exposing themselves to the risk of being infected by COVID-19. LINE is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, enjoying hundreds of millions of users each day. The app comes with a variety of features that made it a hit among fans, and it is available without the need to pay a dime.

LINE Lite Features

Users who have an older or a budget device have the option to use LINE Lite, a special version of the app that has been designed from the ground up with performance in mind while also retaining many of the signature traits of the regular app.

LINE Lite is quite small, as it will take only a few MB of storage space during the installation process, which is quite fast. Those who already use the regular app will have the option to log in with the same account, and new users can create a fresh account in a few minutes.

Adding new friends is quite easy since it can be done by registering their ID. Line Lite will scan the contact list on your device and find other users automatically, which is a great boon since it saves time and the need to add or look for each contact manually.

LINE Lite Update Comes With Improvements

Enjoy unlimited voice calls and video calls, which can be initiated with a single tap. The use of enhanced data protocols will guarantee a crystal-clear quality for audio calls. Video calls are also available, and the quality is impressive, especially when a fast internet connection is in use.

Send and receive text messages and photos to and from friends who use LINE and LINE Lite, which is convenient. Make the conversations more fun with stickers. The latest update for the app, Line Lite 2.13.1, comes with the ability to use custom stickers and to prioritize unread messages.

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