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LINE 10.5.1 Update Is Now Available With Performance Improvements

In recent years communication apps have replaced the traditional calls and text messages, as they offer a more interactive manner in which users can stay in touch with friends and family. LINE is an excellent communication app that comes with great features and a clean interface that make it popular among millions of players.

LINE – Features

Harness the power of your Wi-Fi or mobile data connection to perform calls and video calls with other users across all over the world without the need to spend a dime. It is said that the more, the merrier and LINE encourages these words of wisdom with conference calls that can support up to two hundred users at the same time.

Start a chat with a loved one and enhance the conversation with a variety of social tools, including funny photos, interesting videos, stickers, and the ability to share your location with a few taps. Shoot or record memorable moments or your daily routine and share them on your Timeline in a seamless manner.

Customization is an important feature for many users since many people love to add a personal feeling to their messages. Enjoy a sticker store that offers hundreds of stickers for free or pay a reasonable fee to stickers that contain some of the most iconic characters in the world. These stickers are LINE exclusive, and you can’t find them anywhere else.

It is a breeze to use LINE across several platforms, thanks to the synchronization protocol, which ensures that your chats are always updated and synced across all your devices. Storage space is not a problem thanks to LINE Keep, which offers the opportunity to store chats, photos, and videos in a safe manner.

New enhancement rolled out in the new LINE update

Those who wish to call a landline number can do so with LINE Out, which offers affordable plans and free calls. Several performances and stability improvements are implemented with the LINE 10.5.1 update.


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