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Legends of Runeterra: The Development of Heimerdinger Deck

Probably one of the most challenging cards in Legends of Runeterra is undoubtedly the Heimerdinger. It is after all part of the champion cards set and has the quirkiest skills. Invoking bots for every spell cast represents quite the catch, being unique. But, it is not that easy to perform it against some of the meta comps that have been governing the game lately. With a lot of research and gameplay, you will finally counter any deck with Heimerdinger, and defeat your enemies to a quick triumph. Here is how you can do all of that!

Heimerdinger decks revolve around picking the precise spells and the best minions to try out your hand big time. But, as you already noticed, in the first stages of the games, everything seems a little bit off or challenging, no matter what Heimer deck you posses. It means that similar to the Teemo deck, you must survive at your best.

Legends of Runeterra: The Heimerdinger Deck

The Mystic Shots are welcomed, and they will support you along with Thermogenic Beams because they will decrease the harm you encounter if your enemy is playing too violently. By mid-game, however, the Heimer deck begins to show its true colors. So, put it down on the board right after your enemy performs a move, and when your turn comes, prepare one spell after another and make a bot army. Heimer’s bots are resembling the poro cards, and by the last phases, the deck resembles, even more, the Pro Deck.

Your main goal is to annihilate your enemy as soon as possible and cease their attack out by continually using your low-cost cards to block. Then choose your more expensive spell to invoke more steady bots and begin cutting at the enemy’s nexus one step at a time. Prepare some Elusive as well for your deck. It doesn’t matter which one precisely, but the low-cost types will support your actions in the early levels.


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