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Legends of Runeterra Official Patch 1.7 Notes: New Epic Quests, New Lab Rules and More

Patch 1.7 in Legends of Runeterra will go live tomorrow on August 5, bringing with it two new Epic quests, a ton of items in the store, a new Lab and tri-region deckbuilding rules for Singleton Gauntlet.

Riot Games also announced that patch 1.7 will last one extra week, meaning that it will be a three-week-long patch. Patch 1.8 will go live on August 26, and it will also last three weeks, bringing some minor card changes and a few other things.

Then, patch 1.9 will be skipped and be replaced by patch 1.10, which will be released on September 16, and it will come with a lot of balance changes. From patch 1.10, things will go back to normal, and patches will last two weeks, as usual.

Here are all the balance changes and content coming with patch 1.7 in Legends of Runeterra.

New Lab: Quick Draw

Each round, players will draw five new Fleeting cards with heavily discounted mana costs. Each round, players only have three mana to spend. To keep a Fleeting card for the next round, you will need a special Prolong card that you’ll draw every other round. The Prolong card will remove Fleeting from one single card so you can play it later on.

Singleton Gauntlet Update: Tri-Region

Singleton Gauntlet will now allow tri-region decks.


The Deckbuilder will let you sort through your decks, whether you’re playing Standard or Singleton. You’ll find Deckbuilder has a new customization interface, which you can use to adjust deckbox art and select deckbuilding rules. Drag any unit card to assign it as a deckbox art.

You can filter through decks by choosing valid Standard decks, valid Singleton decks, and invalid decks.

Personalization: Boards, Guardians, Bundles

Patch 1.7 in LoR will also bring some customizations to boards, guardians and bundles.

With Spirit Blossom in the League Universe, LoR players can get the epic-tier Nightshade Shrine Board for 1290 Coins. It comes with unique reactions to gameplay and interactive elements, which you can tap on.

The Dragonling guardian will also be available. This cute and calm guardian is found in Ionian rivers. You can find him in the store also as a bundle with the Nightshade Dragonling with 975 Coins.

The store was also updated with 3 new card backs: Spirit of the Bloom, Spirit of Nature and Crossed Spirits.

There’s also a new emote that comes as an Epic quest reward for the Spirit Blossom Festival – the wink emote.

Expeditions Archetypes


  • After choosing Fishbones in pick 1, you will be able to pick Bilgewater and Piltover & Zaun for pick 2, and will no longer be forced to go for a tri-region deck.


  • Added: Twin Disciplines
  • Removed: Shadowshift

Shadows and Dust

  • Added: Navori Conspirator, Ren Shadowblade
  • Removed: Shadow Fiend

Spell Slingers

  • Removed: Retreat, Ye Been Warned

Total Recall

  • Added: Greenglade Duo, Yusari
  • Removed: Plaza Guardian


Other Updates and Changes in Patch 1.7

  • Two new Epic quests will be added for the Spirit Blossom Festival.
  • Expeditions will refresh on Thursday, this week bringing a two-day refresh.
  • Labs got an in-game rules widget.

Among the other LoR changes coming with patch 1.7, Riot Games informs players that the spec requirements for iOS 13 have been raised. More info can be seen on the LoR support site. Also, iOS 13 does not support 1 GB iOS devices (iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, and iPad Air 1).

More details, bugfixes, and media can be checked out on the official LoR news page here.

Stay up to date to all things LoR by visiting our Legends of Runeterra page. Head over to our Riot Games page to see more updates from League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics and Valorant.


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