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Legends of Runeterra Official 1.12 Patch Notes: New Expansion, Card Updates, Labs, Expeditions, Ranked Rewards, Challenges and More New Stuff Incoming

Legends of Runeterra will introduce with its new patch the Call of the Mountain new expansion: Monuments of Power. The expansion will not only bring new champions and cards, but also a new type of card, region road extensions, and a lof of new content.

Let’s see what patch 1.12 brings in Legends of Runeterra and check out more details about Monuments of Power in this article.

New Expansion: Monuments of Power

The new expansion will introduce 40 collectible cards, including 3 champions — Shyvana, Soraka, and Tahm Kench. There are also new features and content coming, including the new card type – Landmarks, cards that will represent powerful locations in Runeterra. The abilities Landmarks have will change the flow of the game.

The expansion Monuments of Power will be followed by one more expansion in December, noted Riot in its full official patch notes.

Seasonal Tournaments

Lead developers Jeff Jew and Andrew Yip previewed at the start of the spoiler season for Monuments of Power, noting that this expansion will also start Seasonal Tournaments. More info will be available on the LoR YouTube channel on October 15th, at  9 AM PT.

Region Road Updates

Targon road extended from 20 to 25 levels.

  • Players can now obtain the free Targon regional card back by reaching the end of the Targon road.

Bilgewater and Demacia roads extended from 25 to 29 levels.

  • The new levels for these regions will only drop Call of the Mountain cards (both expansions), until you unlock them all.

The road levels added to Freljord and Shadow Isles last expansion (25-29) are no longer anchored to Call of the Mountain cards (i.e., they can now drop anything).

Card Updates

The following four cards will be updated in patch 10.12, but more will be tweaked in the incoming patches, explains RubinZoo, Live Design Lead.

Genevieve Elmheart

  • Health lowered from 5 to 4


  • Cost increased from 3 to 4


  • Cost lowered from 3 to 2
  • Old text: Silence a unit this round. Create a Fleeting [Hush] in hand that costs 1 more.
  • New text: Silence a unit this round.

Living Legends

  • Old text: Fill your hand with random [Fleeting] Celestial cards. Refill your mana.
  • New text: Fill your hand with random [Fleeting] Celestial cards. Refill your mana gems to full.
  • Note: This no longer refills your spell mana.



Labs in Patch 1.12 will see a faster rotation. In the first week after the new expansion drop, players will be able to build decks around the Landmarks from Monuments of Power. The second week, ARAM will return.

A Landmark Occasion (Week 1)

Choose from a selection of six decks, each showcasing one of the brand new Landmark cards from Monuments of Power and filled with new cards to support it.

  • Howling Abyss: Venture to the hallowed Howling Abyss, and fight alongside its legendary champions.
  • Noxkraya Arena: Combine the cold of the Freljord and the strength of Noxus to tackle your frostbitten foes.
  • Slaughter Docks: Toss your deck and reap the rewards.
  • Star Spring: Devour your enemies and heal up your wounded allies.
  • University of Piltover: Heimerdinger’s preferred deck, now with lots of variables. For science!
  • Vaults of Helia: Sacrifice units to grow in power.

ARAM (Week 2)

Our first Lab is back with a few changes! Rather than building a deck, choose from a mulligan full of champion cards to compose your opening hand and your deck. Champions from the newest expansions have joined the fray, and some especially dead draws have been removed from the card pool.


Four new archetypes will be added to the Expeditions pool, featuring not only new champions, but also Landmarks and strategies that highlight the new expansion.

  • Four new Monuments of Power archetypes added to the Expeditions draft pool.
    • Dragon’s Descent: Dragon-based archetype led by Shyvana and Aurelion Sol.
    • Mending Touch: healing-focused archetype with Soraka and Tahm Kench.
    • Fists of the Dragon: Lee Sin + Shyvana bonus archetype with a Dragon thematic.
    • Blood on the Ice: Darius + Ashe bonus archetype featuring Noxkraya Arena.
  • Monuments of Power archetypes will temporarily be three times as likely as they would otherwise be to appear in the initial Champion Picks. We’ll even out these chances in a later patch.
  • Cards from Monuments of Power have been added to various appropriate archetypes.
  • NOTE: Active Expeditions will not roll over into Monuments of Power, and players will be forced to retire any active runs. Active trials (not those mid-draft!) will be compensated normally.


Challenges, Quests, and AI Decks

  • New Monuments of Power Challenge added — Bring Forth the Land.
  • New Monuments of Power quests added.
  • New Monuments of Power AI deck added.


Ranked Rewards & New Season

A new ranked season is coming with Monuments of power, including new ranked reward icons for the last season.

Ranked will be disabled from 9 AM PT to 11 AM PT on October 14 to prepare for the new season.

Ranked reward icons for the last season will be distributed with the patch.

Ranks will be partially reset for the new season:

  • Master accounts will drop 8 divisions.
  • Diamond and Platinum accounts will drop 750LP (7 divisions + 50LP).
  • Gold and Silver accounts will drop 675LP (6 divisions + 75LP).
  • Bronze and Iron accounts will reset to Iron IV.



In terms of personalization, there’s a new Board: Haunted Grounds, Guardian: Infernal Drake, and new card backs: Boo! and Dragonborn. In addition, four new emotes can be purchased from the store, and there are also bundles at great offers. Check out all the details on the official website.

Other Improvements

  • Lulu and Lulu (level 2) art updated.
  • Deckbuilder updated to support Landmarks.
  • Gauntlets updated to track 7-win first attempts.
  • Starting October 15 PT, support for new login methods will be added: sign in with Google (Android only), Apple (iOS only), or Facebook.


These are all the things coming in Legends of Runeterra with patch 1.12. Check out our Legends of Runeterra page to stay updated with the latest news.


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