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Leaked Fortnite Icon Shows a Flooded In-Game World

The rumors surrounding the theory that Fortnite is going to be flooded may have just gotten a lot more substantial due to a leaked game icon from the PlayStation Store. The leak, which was uploaded on Twitter by the FNBRLeaks account, depicts the battle bus flying attached to a parachute while the world beneath is flooded, with just a small island and some palm trees remaining behind. 

Fans have been speculating that the in-game world would be flooded for the following season for a rather long time now, and the proof has slowly been indicating that this will be the next major change coming to Fortnite. It all started with the reappearance of No Sweet Insurance, one of the signs of disaster in the in-game world. The harbinger was initially located in the Tilted Towers in Chapter 1 and was the only structure to survive when Tilted Towers was destroyed by a volcano. 

When they reappeared in Chapter 2, No Sweet Insurance signs with an umbrella on them started to show up across the map, suggesting that some intense rain was due. 

A Crossover Event? 

While we slowly approach the event known as The Device, many fans believe that when Midas returns to his Doomsday Device, it will meddle with the storm and the weather in a way or another, making the map to flood, and, therefore, resetting the battle between Ghost and Shadow by simply destroying the world. 

However, the way it will all play out, in the end, is a mystery, as the game will still require a lot of lands for players to fight on, but this is an exciting time for Fortnite players. Some fans have even noticed a similarity between the island depicted in the leaked icon and the island from the popular Spongebob Squarepants. It is rather a long shot to expect a crossover event, but it would be fabulous if it happened. 

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