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Leaked Apple 2020 iPad Pro Patent Show Advanced Specs

Apple is ready to release its latest version of iPad Pro, currently known as the 2020 iPad Pro until the tech giant reveals its official name. The next-generation of this iPad lineup will pack all kinds of brand new features, such as a triple-camera array, much like the one on the iPhone 11 Pro lineup.

The tech company is also incorporating some advanced features in the device, such as Smart Keyboard with backlit keys and regular scissor-style switches. The most recent patent filed by Apple at the United States Patent Office (USPTO) showcases new details about the 2020 iPad Pro. The upcoming device could also pack the advanced version of the Apple pen stylus.

2020 iPad Pro’s Features and Specs

Apple Pencil stylus is attempting to keep up with the advanced Surface Pen and Galaxy Note stylus, which have developed tremendously over the last few years. Apple is sort of lagging behind now in the competition of tablet-pens, as the other manufacturers have already designed convenient charging techniques and pressure-level sensitivity for the accessories.

The 2020 iPad Pro will come with an Apple pencil, including a haptic feedback system. The patent was named ‘touch-based input device with haptic feedback,’ and the pictures showed the mechanism where the user can hold the accessory and press it in order to activate any type of function within the app. This means that the stylus in the 2020 iPad Pro will enable the user to keep doing whatever they are doing without needing to pause or interrupt the process.

Apple 2020 iPad Pro – Release Date

Apple intends to launch the upcoming version of iPad Pro in March or April of this year, as they have organized a biannual release timeline for their products.

There are speculations that the forthcoming iPhone SE 2 and the 2020 iPad Pro will be released on the dame day during the March event of Apple. The exact launch date for the iPad Pro is believed to be March the 31st, 2020, as per numerous reports.


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