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Leak Shows the Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus Following Apple’s Approaches

​A new leak depicts Samsung’s upcoming flagship smartphone design, the Galaxy S11 Plus, which looks incredibly similar to the specs of the latest iPhone. The leak had not been confirmed nor denied by the South Korean tech giant as of yet, but it showcases the company’s path for the future.

While Samsung had had impressive success with its Galaxy S series, the release of its Fold device had to be postponed because of some hardware problems many testers have encountered while testing the dual-screen handset.

Similar Design to This Year’s Smartphones

The tech giant did not remove the 3.5mm headphone jack on all S10 models, while Apple has gotten rid of it citing performance optimization. It is also worth noting that Samsung Note 10 Plus didn’t have the headphone jack, which may cunningly hint at the new direction Samsung is planning with its Galaxy lineup if the leaked images are correct.

The Samsung S11 Plus leaks were authored by Steve Hemmerstoffer, on his Twitter page @Onleaks. They look incredibly similar to what other tech companies have been utilizing to bring new detail to their smartphones this year, with overly big rear cameras. The leaked photos depict the devices with five lenses, two more than the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, and more than double the number of Google’s Pixel 4 XL incorporates.

The camera features have not been revealed, but there have been a few rumors that claim it will come with a 5x optical zoom with a 108-megapixel lens, telephoto, and ultra-wide lens and a time-of-flight camera. The alleged S11 Plus also seems to have a shockingly similar design to that of Note 10 Plus’, with the ‘Infinity-O’ hole-punch front camera in the top-center rather than on the top-right.

The next flagship smartphone will also allegedly sport a 6.9-inch 120Hz touch display, measuring 166.9 x 76 x 8mm.

Following Apple’s Approach?

Similar to the company’s Note 10 Plus, these leaks depict the fact that the S11 Plus will come with no headphone jack as well. This was a rather unexpected move, more so considering that the company mocked Apple not too long ago after it removed the jack from all its handsets. 

This may showcase a new path that Samsung may be planning on for the next decade. The company has regularly taken chances with various designs, such as the hole-punched front camera or the ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor. Now, Samsung seems to head over the path of refining smartphones rather than reinventing them, the opposite of what Apple has been known for.

For instance, Apple was criticized by Samsung because it decided to remove the headphone jack off all its devices, yet it started doing the same with its Note 10 Plus that was released this year. If this leak ends up being correct, we can say that the South Korean tech giant has followed Apple’s method of setting a huge powerful camera array at the rear side of its smartphones. Even so, we strongly believe that Samsung will be unique and advanced in its software. 

According to the leaks, the Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus may be announced at the beginning of next year, in February, when Samsung will hold its annual event.


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