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League of Legends Tips — Who You Should Choose For The Top Lane

The League of Legends update comes with many skins, and champion reworks, the new Aphelios, and the Poro King Game mode. When it comes to top lane match-ups, you should use Teleport at all times, especially since they made changes to the dragons, that are now moving the focus to the bottom half of the map. If you’re a top laner, it’s essential to outplay your opponent to get what you need to win the game. we have written this article to give you the best League of Legends champs for the top lane.

Who You Should Choose For The Top Lane In League of Legends


Everyone loves Fiora – if you’re playing it – the fast wave clear is something we won’t forget anytime soon. Fiora is the beast of the team. This champion rocks, especially when it comes to Running Ravenous Hydra into Trinity Force.


Nocturne clearly makes the most out of the Sanguine Blade, which is still not the brightest idea from the game. You can play Nocturne in the Top, but it’s also suitable for Mid or Jungle. The most popular build? Berserker’s Greaves into Sanguine Blade. This is the perfect way to play the character in the top lane.


This little new Conqueror is what you definitely need in the top lane. It has always been overpowered in all the team fights – if they were correctly played. The new changes made it even easier for him. By mixing Q and E, you’ll never fail with the champion. Build Trinity Force into Titanic Hydra for mid-game power. Most of the players choose Demolish and Overgrowth as their secondary runes.


Judgment (E) and Demacian Justice (R) have made Garen who it is now in League of Legends. Garen has always been very easy to play. It would be best if you played it against bruisers in the top lane. Building Trinity Force into Phantom Dancer has happened a lot, and it overpowers the hero in the top lane, with Conqueror and Demolish.


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