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League of Legends Season 10 Begins This Friday, on January 10

Every year, Riot Games’ League of Legends starts a new Ranked season. League’s new ranked season is the 10th one in 2020 and Riot has announced later this weekend that it would start this week, on January 10. Compared to last year’s Ranked launch, this one will start nearly two weeks earlier!

A New Ranked Season Begins in League of Legends

These two images were posted on January 5 on Riot’s Twitter page, revealing the beginning of the new ranked season:

As always players will see their ranks getting a mild reset. They have to play a few matches that will place them in a rank according to their score they get in those placement matches and their performance during preseason. A good tip would be to play safe and choose your best champion and role to make sure you increase your odds and get placed in a higher division. You can also ask a friend to join you in duo ranked.

A month ago, we saw what the devs had to say about the new season and the new mechanics they plan on adding with patch 10.1. The patch is currently in PBE, but should be ready for launch since most of the changes were wrapped up last week.

We will see all the balance changes, the new champion Sett, new skins, icons and miscellaneous launch with patch 10.1. Looking back at most champion releases, Sett will be available to play somewhere between January 9 and 10.

This week’s patch will launch on January 8th, but we should learn more about it on January 7th when we will update you with the official patch notes from Riot. Make sure to check our League of Legends patch 10.1 page for all the updates referring to that patch, or to Teamfight Tactics 10.1 if you want to see what’s coming with the new patch.


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