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League of Legends: Riot Develops New Feature to Punish Intentional Feeding and AFK

League of Legends creator, Riot Games, has revealed some brand new features it is developing to punish players who are intentionally losing or leaving matches in the renowned MOBA. 

Similar to what happens with online multiplayer games, League of Legends also struggles with some players who look to ruin the game for others by deliberately feeding their rivals kills or even sitting inactive in the fountain. 

Following Voyboy’s video on the state of the Solo Queue matches, which has seen massive support from the community, Riot has allegedly been folding on their attempts to punish problematic players. While they are already testing the new features in certain zones around the world, such as bringing the report and mute buttons to the Champion Select stage, Riot’s Product Lead Cody Germain stated that more countermeasures would be implemented in the following months. 

New and Clearer Guidelines

In the Riot’s blog post on July 3rd, the League of Legends developer provided players with an update and announced that they would be completely updating their behavioral policy or ‘Summoner’s Code’ to provide much more clarity on what is considered unacceptable.         

“It’s been some time since we’ve updated the Summoner Code,” Germain explained, “we’ll more clearly call out situations that are viewed as disruptive, and more clearly indicate the consequences of those actions.” 

Besides the updated guidelines, the developer has also announced they are currently working on ‘enhanced automated detection methodology’ to identify and punish players who are found to be AFK or deliberately trying to lose a match. 

Although intentional feeding and going AFK or idle are the biggest issues seen with cheaters, Riot also said that they would be using it to observe other gameplay behaviors from now on. 

“We’re also taking stock of the state of other behaviors and mapping out our next steps for improving detection there as well in the future,” Germain added. 

While the company did not detail on a specific timeline for when players can expect these implementations, Riot Games has committed to providing fans with a monthly update on their progress. 


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