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League of Legends Patch 10.3 to Come With Nerfs and Buffs for Several Champions

The League of Legends Patch 10.3 is scheduled to go live the following week, and Riot is allegedly intending to make a big deal out of it.

Not all the speculated adjustments have been announced by the gaming studio as of yet, but the ones that have been confirmed include Akali nerfs, as well as a mini revamp for Wokung and Yummi, with a polish for Gnar.

However, in an earlier tweet, Riot’s lead gameplay designer Mark ‘Scuffy’ Yetter said that numerous other champions that are renowned in 10.2 would also be tweaked. Therefore, characters such as Diana, Sett, Senna, and Aphalios will get particular nerfs that will have them bringing down their general dominance.

Other Coming Nerfs

Reports say that there will be small nerfs for Miss Fortune and Sona as well. Because Sona received a major movement speed boost on her E in the 10.2 update version, Riot says they have gone too far with the adjustments and will try to take it down a bit as she has recently changed to be quite oppressive in the laning stage.

Akali will reportedly be downsized again in the following update, as Riot has conducted some experiments regarding her features for a while now. These adjustments are now concluded and will be implemented in the 10.3 update version. Some of the main elements of the changes include decreased movement speed on her W and the withdrawal of directional targeting on the first phase of her R.

The Buffs Change

The list containing buffs is not as large as the one of nerfs, but there are a bunch of champions who are set to get some tweaks in this particular patch. Galio, Sejuani, Yuumi, Azir, Corki, and Ezreal are all scheduled to receive some highly needed enhancements to their gameplay. After Kleptomancy was removed, Ezreal has since taken a massive hit to his popularity, and it is in urgent need of some buffs.

More details regarding the buffs might soon be provided by Riot.


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